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At Early 2 Level, carefully controlled, new vocabulary, is surrounded by a context of familiar sentence structure and known words.
• master more than 55 new words at every color level
• 48Titles
• Fiction and Non-Fiction
• eBook Editions for all titles
• 4 Big Book Editions
• Worksheets, Lesson Briefs and Running Records available for all titles as free downloads
• comprehensive Lesson Plans available for selected titles
• increase control of print conventions
• increase control of phonological patterns and phonic knowledge in context
• master control of increased complexity in syntactic and sentence structure
• further develop their oral language, comprehension and critical thinking skills
Fiction Strand
• enjoy a wide range of entertaining fiction stories, including popular traditional tales
• enjoy child-centric storylines
• Extension Activity: Key Word Flashcards
Non-Fiction Strand
• promotes literacy from cover-to-cover via topics that align to curriculum
• build familiarity with non-fiction features such as contents, glossaries and captions
• develop skills for reading informational, expository text
• Extension Activity: Glossary
Classic Story Structure
Red Rocket Readers feature the classic story structure
of introduction, climax and resolution. Illustrations skillfully support the opportunities for critical thinking.
Instructional and Informative
High-frequency interest words and sentence structures are carefully controlled to be reading level appropriate. Non-fiction texts allow students to access information.
    On the Outside
written by Pam Holden
      On the Outside
written by Pam Holden
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