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  F&P GRL Level: H-M • RR Intervention Level: 15-16 • Lexile Measure: 310L-600L
                 A Robot’s Trick
written by Jack Gabolinscy illustrated by Michael Cashmore-Hingley
written by Dawn McMillan illustrated by Samer Hatam
Charlie’s Flying Lessons
written by Pam Holden illustrated by Kelvin Hawley
                   A Robot’s Trick 9781776541683
Bigfoot Charlie’s Flying Lessons Grumpy Bear 9781776541690 9781776541706 9781776541713
written by Dawn McMillan illustrated by Pauline Whimp
      Hero 9781776541720
Rabbit’s Ears
written by Pam Holden illustrated by Lamia Aziz
Rabbit’s Ears 9781776541737 9781776542383 - Big Book
The Bone 9781776541744
The Garden Mystery 9781776541751
      Boats and Ships 9781776541768
Help Hawaii’s Seal Let’s Go Surfing 9781776541775 9781776541782
9781776542390 - Big Book
Light 9781776541895 - US Edition 9781776541881 - Standard Edition
    Make a Rattle Drum 9781776541805
Our Solar System 9781776541812
Power from the Sun 9781776541836
$49.95 $45.00
Saving Sea Turtles 9781776541829
A F&P Level
  Levelled Sets 8 titles x 1 copy each
$76. 95
Single Copies
 Big Book
£20.00 | [email protected] 37
Grumpy Bear
written by Pam Holden
illustrated by Kelvin Hawley
     The Bone
written by John Lockyer illustrated by Michael Cashmore-Hingley
The Garden Mystery
written by Suzette Toms illustrated by Lamia Aziz
                        Boats and Ships
written by Pam Holden
Help Hawaii’s Seals
written by L.J. Welsh
Let’s Go Surfing
written by Pam Holden
written by John Lockyer
                             Make a Rattle Drum
written by Andrew Wills
Our Solar System
written by Rachel Walker
Power from the Sun
written by Suzette Toms
Saving Sea Turtles
written by Julie Suess
                     NON-FICTION SET C FICTION SET C 9781776541843 9781776541867 - US Edition • 9781776541850 - Standard Edition

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