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Advanced Fluency 3 titles will increase students’ reading ability and boost their confidence by engaging interest using a variety of appealing text types and genres.
• 16Titles
• Fiction and Non-Fiction
• eBook Editions for all titles
• increased complexity of structural formats
• level-appropriate challenges for advanced readers • use of a more sophisticated font
• increased variation in text placement
• phrasing that challenges fluency
Fiction Strand
Red Rocket Advanced Fluency Fiction titles feature compelling storylines and clearly defined characters, some of whom recur throughout the levels.
• master more than 50 new words at each color level • Extension Activity: new Word Power
Non-Fiction Strand
Red Rocket Advanced Fluency Non-Fiction titles feature all the components commonly found in non- fiction; a contents page, a glossary and an index.
Enhanced further by the inclusion of visual communicators such as inset maps, charts and photos and the use of lists, numbering, bold and italic text and bullet points to reinforce and deliver additional impact in a memorable way.
• promotes literacy from cover-to-cover via topics that align to curriculum
• extend non-fiction literacy skills with complex text types and genres
• explore, reinforce and extend subject area knowledge in the key learning contexts of People and
Places,NaturalWorld,TechnologicalWorld and Numbers atWork • Extension Activity: develop index skills
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Reading Mileage
Text lengths match the student’s increasing fluency.
Complex Text Features Understanding of non-fiction text elements such as labels, captions, bullet points, maps and charts.

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