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A first introduction to the basic conventions of print, Pre-Reading Level titles help children get off to a flying start. Unlike traditional “abc” alphabet books, the letters are presented within a story context so that, using pre-existing letter knowledge and picture clues, children can decode the text and experience first reading success. All 26 letters of the alphabet are included in the fiction readers and again in the non-fiction titles.
• 48Titles
• Fiction and Non-Fiction
• eBook Editions for all titles
• Worksheets, Lesson Briefs and Running Records available as free downloads for all titles
• Lesson Plans available for selected titles
Pre-Reading Level titles allow students to use their letter knowledge to read text, and: • use bold letter font and additional word spacing
• introduce and build phonemic awareness and phonic knowledge
• introduce the upper and lower case letters together
• use red highlighting to emphasize focus letters and punctuation
• feature exciting visual story spreads to give clues for word recognition and launch oral discussion and critical thinking
• Extension Activity: Focus Letter Flashcards
     Key Letters
Red highlighting supports the introduction of upper and lowercase letters. Stimulating visuals provide letter clues and an element of fun.
Vibrant photographic illustrations connect with text to help predict the unknown words and make meaning.
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