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    We believe literacy is the key to success in life, so we are all about giving children a flying start by helping to launch them into literacy.
This core belief is at the heart of every Red Rocket Readers book.
Child Focused
Red Rocket Readers are carefully designed to support children through the use of controlled vocabulary and appropriately sized, well-spaced
and easy-to-read type.
Teacher Driven
Red Rocket Readers have been developed by world renowned literacy specialist, teacher and author, Pam Holden.
Strong characters, humor and definable plots combine graduated word recognition and language development with wonderful stories that children will really enjoy!
Red Rocket Readers feature bright, entertaining illustrations and photographs that support the text, launch oral discussion and develop student comprehension. The classic story structure (tension, climax and resolution) ensures children will want to engage with the texts.
Red Rocket Readers:
• enable students to read for enjoyment and information as they access meaning from fiction and non-fiction text
T Rex
written by Pam Holden
Max Monkey
written by Pam Holden illustrated by Jacqueline East
    Super Spiders
written by Pam Holden
               My Big, Big Kick
written by Jack Gabolinscy illustrated by Jane MacDonald
             Arctic or Antarctic?
written by John Lockyer
Perfect Pets
written by Julie Ellis
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feature meaningful concepts and experiences to which children can relate
provide stories with strong characters, humor and definable plots
develop word recognition along with language development
develop and ensure the success of reading strategies
focus on increasing knowledge of print conventions, phonological patterns and phonic knowledge in context
A Lifetime of Literacy!
Series consultant and author of the Red Rocket reading series, Pam Holden has more than 30 years specialist experience in literacy. As a Reading RecoveryTM teacher she has worked one-to-one with hundreds of children struggling with literacy.
Pam’s pupils have also included those approaching English as a second language, and children who are advanced and require extension. This experience has given the author a rare insight into the literacy process and has enabled her to develop new and unique approaches that ensure early reading success.

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