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Within each Red Rocket Reader is a set of useful tools designed to support and guide the teacher:
Teacher Talk gives a brief introduction and overview of each story (its characters, plot, scene and vocabulary), to aid group discussions. Located on the inside front cover of every title.
Teaching Plan lists the reading strategies promoted in each text, plus the features of print to learn such as punctuation, suffixes, digraphs, contractions and compound words. Located on the inside front cover of every title.
Key words and letters are listed on the inside front covers so teachers can quickly discover the focus for each title.
Word Counts help simplify running records
Flashcards on the inside back covers provide extra learning opportunities. Included in every title at the Pre-Reading, Emergent and Early Level 1.
Word Whizz Activity on the inside back cover of all Fiction titles at Fluency Levels.
              Glossaries and Contents can be found inside all Non-Fiction titles from Early Level 2 and above. | [email protected] 3

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