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  F&P GRL Level: I-O • RR Intervention Level: 19-20 • Lexile Measure: 470L-800L
                 Beaver’s Tail
written by Pam Holden illustrated by Lamia Aziz
Bee Careful!
written by Diana Burslem illustrated by Phillip Webb
Feeding Time
written by Pam Holden illustrated by Jim Storey
                 Beaver’s Tail 9781927197837
Bee Careful! Feeding Time Making Contact 9781927197844 9781877506888 9781877506895
On the Move Surprise, Surprise! Teamwork 9781927197868 9781927197875 9781776540853
Counting the Beat Cycling for Fun Earthquake Drill 9781776540877 9781776540884 9781776540891
                Midnight Feast
written by Pam Holden illustrated by Pauline Whimp
On the Move
written by Pam Holden illustrated by Kelvin Hawley
Surprise, Surprise!
written by Pam Holden illustrated by Samer Hatam
written by Pam Holden illustrated by Michael Cashmore-Hingley
                    Midnight Feast 9781927197295
                 Animal Food Chains
written by John Lockyer
Counting the Beat
written by John Lockyer
Cycling for Fun
written by John Lockyer
Earthquake Drill
written by John Lockyer
                    Animal Food Chains 9781776540860
                Making a Surfboard
written by John Lockyer
Playing Keyboard
written by Julie Ellis
Turn Ulp the Heat
written by John Lockyer
Whale Migrations
written by Rachel Walker
                    Making a Surfboard 9781776540914
Playing Keyboard 9781776540907
Turn Up the Heat 9781776540921
AU/NZ CAN $9.95 $9.95
Whale Migrations 9781927197486 - US Edition 9781927197493 - Standard Edition
A F&P Level
Making Contact
written by Jack Gabolinscy illustrated by Anthony Elworthy
    Levelled Sets 8 titles x 1 copy each
$76. 95
Single Copies
US $7.50
UK £3.99 | [email protected] 45
NON-FICTION SET C FICTION SET C 9781776543540 9781776543557 - US Edition • 9781776543533 - Standard Edition

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