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At Red Rocket Fluency Level 4 students will:
• extend their reading mileage with more substantial texts of 500 to 600 words
• master more than 60 new high-frequency sight words
• reinforce the reading strategies of earlier levels
• be encouraged to apply newly acquired skills to more challenging texts
• focus on more challenging vocabulary, print conventions, phonological patterns and phonic
knowledge in context
• further develop critical thinking skills and comprehension
The mastery of more complex strategies will enable students to read with increased pace, flow, phrasing and intonation, freeing their attention to the meaning within text.
• 48Titles
• Fiction and Non-Fiction
• eBook Editions for all titles
• Lesson Briefs, Running Records and Worksheets are free to download for all titles • comprehensive Lesson Plans are available for selected titles
Fiction Strand
• meet many recurring popular characters, within stories with delightful illustration support
• Extension Activity:Word Whiz
Non-Fiction Strand
• Explore environmental issues and animal conservation topics – Plastic and Our Planet,The Last Rhinos, Saving Sharks
• discover mindfulness techniques and other modern topics like Fashion and Living in Space
• explore high-interest topics and reinforce and extend subject area content
• further develop non-fiction literacy skills with more complex text
• ExtensionActivity:Glossary
Complex Sentence Structure
Longer and more complex sentence structures at this level require students to attend to detail in print.
Existing Knowledge
Draw on existing knowledge of nature and extend learning.
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